Kathmandu, Nepal

Ryan Chan 11A – Kathmandu, Nepal (Physical Expedition)


The Nepal Challenge Week was a 10 day trip filled with endless possibilities and also endless hardships. It was an opportunity for us to visit an unfrequented area and provide vital aid to orphanages, local schools and clinics. We had been planning, gathering supplies and contacting sponsors for a few weeks prior to the trip in hopes of making a remarkable change to the locals and purchasing life-changing medications with the sponsorships for the local clinics.


Trekking in Nepal requires persistence and perseverance as it is not only physically demanding, but also filled with drastic temperature changes between day and night. Acclimatizing to the altitudes was very important to minimize the risk of having acute mountain sickness. 


Towards the end of the trek, the cook prepared a “last day” cake for us and it was very scrumptious and we were surprised by the fact that they baked the cake in an aluminum bucket. We had prepared some items to donate to the sherpas and I realized where things we take for granted might be the things that they don’t have and just a simple action of donating daily stuff to them can be life changing. 


The life in Hong Kong and Nepal sparks a huge contrast. Even though people in Nepal might be financially poor, they are definitely not poor in spirits and hearts. They find happiness in the simplest of things. People in developed countries live at such a high pace that they don’t have time to stop and think about the joys of life. 


Looking back at the photos from Nepal, it feels like it was just yesterday; the memories from the trip are still very vivid. This once in a lifetime trip will definitely be something that I’ll certainly not forget, but also to reflect upon the current society and cultural exposure that I was exposed to.