Nepal is an exotic landlocked nation in South Asia, and ranks number 145 out of 187 in the Human Development Index, while being officially ranked as a poorly developed nation. This was an opportunity not only to visit a secluded area and to widen our horizons, but also provide much-needed attention and help to an area in need of such aid. We spent over a month fundraising, gathering supplies and contacting sponsors in the hope that we students could manage to make a difference. In the end we gathered lots of clothes and toys to be brought to the locals, and directed the money from fundraising towards an extensive sewage system in a local school.

What was challenging to us was the cold and the challenging physical demands of trekking up steep mountains. We were very fortunate to encounter new people, new objects and cultures most of us could not even dream of. But what really mattered was not the material goods we managed to deliver to the locals nor the impacts we made on Nepal, but rather, what impact Nepal made on us. That we overcame each and every obstacle with flying colors not only showed us that we had the capability to achieve anything we wanted, but also that we had the ability to truly make a difference despite being only 15 students in a far and distant land. A Chinese proverb states, “A journey of a million miles begins with a single step.” In the exact same way we plan to take this as a sign, and push on trying to make a difference in OUR world.

Jerry Li (11B)