CAS Challenge Week

The CAS Challenge Week offers our IB Diploma students a variety of opportunities for personal growth and fulfilment. Each November, our Year 11 and Year 12 students undertake a week-long experience locally in Hong Kong, nationally in mainland China, or internationally in south-east Asia or the USA. This experience fosters leadership among our students, who are directly involved in the planning of activities for their itinerary, and fundraising for the various service organisations and good causes which CKY supports. Students are challenged to stretch themselves throughout the week by gaining meaningful experiences in activities focused on Creativity, Action and Service (CAS). While we encourage our students to develop rounded experiences in all three of these areas, CKY’s deep commitment to community service is reflected in Challenge Week, where the majority of our experiences take place at local charities and NGOs in Hong Kong or abroad. Browse the range of experiences below as our students offer their perspectives on Challenge Week 2014.

Our emphasis on developing students’ sense of local citizenship is underlined by the range of experiences at local service organisations in Hong Kong. Local trips have raised awareness and appreciation of a diversity of issues, ranging from human rights to animal welfare.


Experiences in mainland China promote our students’ sense of national identity. Greater understanding of Chinese culture has been gained from two service-based trips in southern China to Dali and Yunnan.


Our international Challenge Week experiences provide students with enriching exposure to different cultures, as well as the opportunity to interact and be of meaningful service to some of the most underprivileged communities in south-east Asia. The regular involvement of CKY students in the World’s Scholars Cup competition was also included in the CAS Challenge Week program this year.