Siem Reap, Cambodia

Geoffrey Ho 11C – Siem Reap, Cambodia (Culture and Ethnic Exposure)


During November 2019, I visited Cambodia for my CAS trip, and it was perhaps one of the most eye-opening and life-changing experiences I have ever had. When I first received news that I would be going to Cambodia, a place steeped with history and culture, I was filled with anticipation. Yet, despite my excitement, having grown up in the urban metropolis of Hong Kong, I was also slightly concerned about having to travel to a remote village with no running water or electricity. Once we arrived in Cambodia, however, I quickly realized the trivial nature of my worries. We were responsible for helping raise funds for the local village, which would go towards their only medical center in the area, and help to renovate their local school. It was really inspiring to see how their school consisted of only a few basic huts and structures, yet every student within the classrooms had a huge smile on their faces and were filled with boundless joy and energy. Apart from having to learn how to paint and refurbish a school under blistering conditions, this experience also opened my horizons to the problems of poverty and lack of resources faced by many countries around the world, even in this modern age. As a result, I gained a newfound sense of profound gratitude and appreciation of all the resources and privileges that are available to us in Hong Kong.