We went to Let Us Create, Sihankouville for our trip to Cambodia. LUC is a non-governmental organization that encourages Cambodian children to attend school through arts and crafts. Cambodian children from impoverished families generally do not receive a proper education and their parents are forced to have them sell souvenirs on the street in hopes of earning a few extra dollars, putting them at risk of being abused or trafficked.

On our first day at LUC, we went through Childsafe training which prepared us for working with the children properly. For the rest of the week we conducted numerous art classes with the children at the center. We took them out on mobile learning, to the beach and a Buddhist temple. We also helped create a mural painting at their center, and went on social outreach to know more about the homes of the children. I found the children at LUC really sweet and heart-warming after meeting them. Although a month has passed since we returned to Hong Kong, I am still in contact with the LUC staff and children – and am amazed at how friendly and kind they are.

It is unfortunate that the children were born in such circumstances. I’ve come to realize how important it is to encourage them to attend school, as education is their only chance to escape poverty. This experience made me reflect on how fortunate I am to live in Hong Kong where we could have everything we want, and also showed me what life could be like outside our comfort zones. It was a rewarding experience I will never forget.

Yuki Wong (12B)