All-round Education

Holistic development:

We believe every child is unique and every child has different potentials. Therefore, we should neither turn them into identical products, nor should we limit their ability to coping with examinations only. Our mission is to develop and educate our children holistically so that they will not only know how to learn, but rather how to live and lead a life of joy, health and success.

We value character formation more than we do academic achievement, because we consider moral values more important than knowledge.

We put more emphasis on the process than the outcome.

We believe every student is good at something and aim to seek the strengths in every student and help them excel in these areas.

We make allowances for students’ different stages of maturity.

We aim to break the mould of academic elitism so as to let students develop their talents in different areas, promoting multiple-intelligences. For example, we encourage all students to learn a musical instrument. To adopt a student-centred teaching style and to understand their needs, our teachers use a variety of methods and resources for teaching and assessment, including daily observation.

Daily observation and interactions with students enable us to understand them better and consequently help us make more accurate assessment.

We aim to nurture students’ desire for learning, helping them develop an enquiring mind. We avoid using examinations and tests as a motivation for learning.

We believe education is about living and would like our students to break free of the constraints of the classroom walls, learn from the real world, and develop critical thinking and communication skills.

We instill in our students a positive attitude and encourage them to develop independent learning habits.

We believe good inter-personal and communication skills are crucial to a successful career and fulfilled life.