Teaching Staff

A learning community

The school is a learning community in which everyone, including the principals, teachers, students and parents, makes progress together. Only when teachers embrace the concept of life-long learning can we expect students to do the same.

A good role model

A good teacher is not necessarily one with high qualifications. A good teacher is one who sets a good role model by cooperating with others, and who is committed to students and listens to them. A good teacher monitors his students’ progress closely and is always in search of a breakthrough in new teaching methodology.

Team spirit

Each individual teacher must first share the education philosophy of the school before we can build a united team where members learn from and support each other. To be successful, we need to be united. We adopt a co-tutor system, with our overseas teachers coming from many countries and backgrounds. Our lessons resemble a global village, in which teachers team-teach in a cooperative manner, respecting each other’s skills and methods, and creating a harmonious learning atmosphere. About 50 % of the lessons taught by two teachers. This is done so that students’ needs can be met and teachers can learn to cooperate with one another.