Unique features of the curriculum

      1. CKY teachers promote the use of readers for teaching English and Chinese. We value the importance of reading and develop independent learning and creativity.
      2. Mathematics in Year 1-5 covers areas such as mental arithmetic, problem-solving, and speed calculations.
      3. CKY introduces science in Year 1 to foster early inquiry-based learning.
      4. Moral Education begins in Year 1 to enable our students to better understand themselves and how to interact with those around them.
      5. Our students in Year 4 to Year 8 participate in the World Classroom Programme, where they visit places around the world on study tours.
      6. CKY introduces community service in Year 4 and our Year 11-12 students take an active role in planning their own service in the Creativity, Activity, and Service programme to contribute to the local, national and global communities.
      7. Our teachers incorporate field trips in most subjects to promote activity-based learning.
      8. The curriculum of the Lower Primary Years focuses on developing confidence and an interest in learning.
      9. The curriculum of the Upper Primary Years concentrates on equipping them with a bank of knowledge and skills.
      10. In the Lower Secondary Section, students learn to develop an inquiring mind and communicate their ideas effectively. 
      11. In the Upper Secondary Section, students learn to be organised, analytical and independent in their studies.
      12. In Year 11-12, students develop into mature learners with attributes illustrated in the IB learner profile (knowledgeable, balanced, reflective, open-minded, inquirers, risk-takers, communicators, caring, principled, and thinkers). They will also become more international-minded through their studies.