During Y9-10 students embark on a two-year course known as the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), at the end of which they sit a series of external examinations.

We adopt Cambridge Assessment International Education as our examination board, which is the largest and the most established IGCSE provider in the world. IGCSE is a subject-specific curriculum. This means that students have to choose a number of subjects to study in depth over the two years. The types and number of subjects offered are varied, and as well as the academic subjects you would expect, we are proud to offer a range of courses not common to schools throughout Hong Kong, such as Food & Nutrition, and Art & Design: Textiles.

Each student’s IGCSE selection will comprise a number of compulsory (core) subjects, and a range of electives (optional subjects).

Core Subjects

The following IGCSE subjects are offered as part of a core programme and are not optional. However, pupils with different skills will be entered for different examinations in English and International Mathematics.

Core Subjects:
English First Language English
First Language English + English Literature
 Chinese  First Language Chinese
 Mathematics  International Mathematics (Extended or Core Level)
 Global Perspectives  –








Optional Subjects

In addition to the core subjects, students are asked to select 6 subjects from the options below

Optional Subjects:
 Art & Design  Additional Mathematics
 Art & Design: Textile  Design & Technology
 Drama  Food & Nutrition
 Biology  Physics
 Chemistry  Physical Education
 Business Studies  Economics
 Geography  History
 ICT  Music











Our students have achieved outstanding IGCSE results in the past several years. CKY students have consistently achieved over 97% A*-C grades with more than 68% A*-A grades. We are delighted that every year our students also receive the prestigious Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards. In the past, our students have received awards in the categories of Top in the
World, Top in Hong Kong and 1st Place Best Across Eight Cambridge IGCSE’s for their exceptional performance. These awards spanned across subjects such as Additional Mathematics, Business Studies, Chemistry, Physics, Literature (English), Food and Nutrition, Physical Education and Music. More than 65% of our candidates also received scholarships from PLK for their outstanding achievements in IGCSE.

After successfully completing their IGCSEs students will complete the final stage of their education with CKY; the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP).