Social Innovation

Sophia Yeung 12C (Social Innovation)


During the CAS Challenge Week, I chose social innovation and our aim was to identify and explore the impacts of social innovation to enhance the lives of people in need. We also wanted to differentiate the business strategies adopted between for-profit organizations and social enterprises. The whole schedule was planned by students, and we had scheduled to go to Tai Kwun, PMQ, Food Angel, Sower Gift to differentiate the business strategies adopted.


One of the most memorable moments was my visit to Food Angel. I realized not only did it serve a great purpose to help solve the high number of people starving and were living in poverty among the most vulnerable group in Hong Kong. It also employed retired women to train them with special skills and knowledge, and helped to reduce waste and make the unwanted parts of vegetables into organic fertilizer for other purposes.


Another moment that I really enjoyed was visiting Sower Gift. The business owner gave us a wonderful talk. The purpose of the restaurant is to assist the ones with hearing-impairment to receive basic education of diversified nature and to give them more job opportunities. All of our team members really appreciated the talk that was presented by the owner. All in all, the CAS Challenge Week enabled me to learn how businesses use different kinds of strategies to enhance people’s lives.