A Through-train Quality Private School

Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School is the first independent and non-profit making through-train school in Hong Kong, offering a 12-year bilingual curriculum to students. An application to build this school on Caldecott Road, formerly the address of Sir Robert Black Teacher Training College, was granted to Po Leung Kuk in the year 2000. However, the site was occupied by two other schools until early 2002 when one of the schools vacated the site. Consequently, Choi Kai Yau School started its operation on Caldecott Road in September 2002.

Without traditional values, creativity is not possible

“Through-train Quality Private Schools” is a new initiative introduced by the HKSAR Government to improve education in Hong Kong. The Government, while having high expectations of this new scheme, has taken up the challenge of overseeing the whole scheme, giving all private quality schools freedom in the areas of curriculum design and internal organization. The autonomy of these schools enables them to fulfil their education mission and provide students in Hong Kong with an alternative style of education. We are neither an international school nor a traditional local school. By extracting the best of traditional values and modern thoughts, and the best of Chinese and Western practices, we hope to offer students the best education.

To capitalize on a golden opportunity

Since the start of the school in 2002, Choi Kai Yau School has been promoting all-round education, bilingual teaching, the concept of “one student, one musical instrument” and the use of readers and novels as the main source of materials for teaching languages. We would like to thank our staff and parents for their effort, support and cooperation throughout this time. Our students’ success has confirmed our belief in education, has made us the trail-blazers of education reform, has given us hope for tomorrow and has turned our school into one that is well respected in the community. We will continue our effort and, by taking advantage of our privileged position, we will provide teachers and students of Hong Kong with a successful new route of learning.

School development

For the next few years the school will continue to develop. The teacher-student ratio is 1:10, with approximately 60% Western teachers and 40% Chinese teachers. The school is a cosmopolitan place where eastern culture meets western culture. Sharing a common vision, we aim to produce a generation of youngsters who accept challenges, have an enquiring mind, respect others and contribute to world peace.