CKY’s Educational Philosophy

Every child is cared for and respected
Every child enjoys learning
Every child thinks independently and critically
Every child is confident
Every child is able to realize his/her potential
Every child is bilingual

It is the school’s aim to nurture students into inquiring, knowledgeable, bilingually competent and morally upright individuals who will contribute to the local, national and international communities.

CKY’s educational philosophy is closely aligned with that of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). In particular, we aim to promote the ten qualities of learners as listed in the IB Learner Profile.

The IB Diploma at CKY

Students prepare the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate in Year 11 and 12. This course, which offers breadth, depth and flexibility is recognized by employers and further education institutions throughout the world, including those in Hong Kong.

As an IB World School, CKY actively pursues the development and refinement of the Diploma Programme courses on offer. The number and range of subjects available are regularly extended as the student numbers in each cohort increase. Most of the CKY candidates are awarded a Bilingual Diploma.

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The Curriculum

Students select 6 courses, 3 at higher level and 3 standard level, thus ensuring the breadth of experience in languages, individuals and societies, the experimental sciences and mathematics. The 6th course may be an arts subject chosen from group 6, or students may select another subject from groups 3 or 4.

There are many paths and course combinations which cater for a wide range of interests and aptitudes. The following subjects are on offer for the 2018-2019 cohort:

(1) Group 1 

a. English Literature (HL/SL)
b. English Language and Literature (HL/SL)
c. Chinese Literature (HL/SL)
d. Chinese Language and Literature (HL/SL)

(2) Group 2 

a. English B (HL only)
b. Chinese B (HL only)
c. French or Spanish ab initio (SL only)

(3) Group 3 

a. History (HL/SL)
b. Geography (HL/SL)
c. Business management (HL/SL)
d. Economics (HL/SL)

(4) Group 4 

a. Physics (HL/SL)
b. Chemistry (HL/SL)
c. Biology (HL/SL)
d. Design Technology (HL/SL)

(5) Group 5 

a. Mathematics: Analysis and approaches (HL/SL)
b. Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation (HL/SL)

(6) Group 6 

a. Visual arts (HL/SL)
b. Music (HL/SL)
c. Theatre (HL/SL)

Core Requirements

The Diploma Programme has 3 additional “core” requirements that are intended to broaden students’ educational experience and challenge them to apply their knowledge and understanding in the classroom and beyond.

The extended essay is a requirement for students to engage in independent research through an in-depth study of a question relating to one of the subjects they are studying.

Theory of knowledge is a course designed to encourage each student to reflect on the nature of knowledge by critically examining different ways of knowing (perception, emotion, language and reason) and different kinds of knowledge (scientific, artistic, mathematical and historical).

Creativity, Activity, Service requires that students actively learn from the experience of doing real tasks beyond the classroom. Students can combine all three components or do activities related to each one of them separately. As part of the fulfillment of this requirement, students participate in a wide range of activities in the creative arts, in sporting and other organizations, and in community service. They are also expected to participate in one of the annual “Challenge Week” programme options which include cultural and service trips in Hong Kong and beyond.

All of our DP teachers have received IB training and they are well equipped to successfully deliver all of the components of the IB Diploma Programme.

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