2018-2019 Student Awards


Event Award Winner(s)
The 71st Hong Kong Schools Music Festival
Graded Piano Solo – Grade One - 1st Place Ayden Wong
黃毅麟 (1D)
Graded Piano Solo – Grade One - 1st Place Audrey Chan
陳綽穎 (1B)
Graded Piano Solo – Grade Six - 1st Place Raphael So
蘇叡汎 (4E)
Vocal Solo – Foreign Language - 1st Place Edison Tam
譚承亨 (3F)
Female Voice Duet – Secondary School – Age 19 or under - 1st Place Maggie Tam
譚曉晴 (10C)
Primary School Choir (Junior) - 1st Place Junior Choir  
Graded Piano Solo – Grade Two - 2nd place Leonidas Cheng
鄭日南 (2C)
Vocal Solo Foreign Language - 2nd place Charlotte Liu
廖睿珩 (2F)
Oboe Solo – Primary School – Junior - 2nd place Quintin Chau
鄒愷浚 (3A)
Cello Solo – Junior - 2nd place Shelly Chan
陳貝梨 (5C)
Violin Concerto – Age 13 or under - 2nd place Tanya Wu
胡晴茵 (6A)
聲樂獨唱-中文男童聲中學14歲或以下 - 亞軍 Andy Tam
譚昊然 (8D)
Vocal Solo – Foreign Language Age 16 or under – Female Voice - 2nd place Doris Li
李佩穎 (10B)
Viola Solo – Senior - 2nd place Sean Lee
李栩鵬 (11D)
Violin Duet – Junior - 2nd place Raphael So
蘇叡汎 (4E)
Rachel So
蘇叡芊 (6F)
Piano Duet Junior - 2nd place Raphael So
蘇叡汎 (4E)
Rachel So
蘇叡芊 (6F)
Vocal Solo – Foreign Language -Boys or Girls Treble Voice – Primary School – Age 7 to 8 - 3rd place Adrian Man
文睿謙 (2F)
Graded Piano Solo – Grade Six- 3rd place Claudia Cheuk
卓藍 (7F)
Vocal Solo – Foreign Language – Female Voice – Secondary School – Age 16 or under - 3rd place Sienna Leung
梁芷晴 (8F)
Primary School Choir (Senior) - 3rd place Senior Choir  
4th Hong Kong International Harp Competition 2018
Children Lever -3rd Runner-up Audrey Sun
孫從心 (1B)
2018 Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows
Secondary Windband -Silver Award
Secondary Windband  
Primary Windband -Silver Award
Primary Windband