IB Diploma May 2014 finalised results


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IB Diploma May 2014 finalised results

Several of our students have applied for enquiry upon results and have received changes to their grades. We at Po Leung Kuk CKY School are hereby delighted to announce our finalised IB Diploma results obtained by our second Year 12 cohort. Our 56 Year 12 students were registered for the May 2014 examination and 45 of them have achieved the Bilingual IB Diploma. The general overview of our students’ achievement is as follows:

CKY May 2014 World May 2014
Number of candidates with 45 points (max. points) 2 (3.77%) 146 (0.11%)
Number of candidates with 40 and above points 10 (16.87% 6.48%*
Number of candidates with 35 and above points 25 (47.17%) 24.26%*
Number of candidates with 30 and above points 45 (84.91%) 52.37%*
Percentage of candidates awarded Diploma 94.64% 79.06%*
Percentage of Bilingual Diploma recipients 84.91% 28.22%*
Diploma average 34.79 29.81
Average grade of all candidates 5.53 4.70*

*World data of May 2013 is used as May 2014 global results are not released yet.


Bilingual Diploma

Po Leung Kuk CKY school philosophy promotes multilingualism and global citizenship, and our students excel in language proficiency in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. This strong commitment to language development is confirmed by the achievements of the 2014 Year 12 DP cohort:

  • – 85% of our diploma recipients receiving the Bilingual Diploma
  • – 80% of those students who obtained a total score of 40 and above points having registered in both English A and in Chinese A, including our two students who obtained the maximum total mark of 45.


Student destinations

85% of students pursuing their tertiary education are placed at the top 400 universities worldwide, based on the 2013/14 Times Higher Education Supplement’s World University Rankings. Many universities have recognised their excellent achievement in the IB Diploma and reduced the number of credits or years students need to study to complete their degrees. Some of our students receive awards ranging from partial to full scholarships to support their tertiary education. Others have the opportunity to study an additional year to obtain a Master’s degree.


Study destinations of students pursuing their tertiary education are summarised below:



Monash University

University of Sydney

New Zealand

Auckland University of Technology




University of British Columbia

Western University

United Kingdom

Durham University

Loughborough University

University of Bath

University of Exeter

University of Warwick

Hong Kong

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

University of Hong Kong



Among many others, our students choose to pursue their academic interests in a range of subjects including those listed below:

    • – Archaeology and Geography
    • – Architecture
    • – Art
    • – Aviation Management
    • – Business
    • – Chemistry
    • – Chinese Language and Literature
    • – English
    • – Engineering – Civil
    • – Engineering – Mechanical
    • – Interior Design
    • – Law
    • – Mathematics
    • – Medical Science
    • – Medicine (including the Global Physician-Leadership Stream at Chinese University of Hong Kong)
    • – Pharmacy
    • – Psychology
    • – Theatre and Performance Studies
    • – Veterinary Science