World Scholar’s Cup is an internationally renowned academic competition. Our school has participated in the competition for the past few years, and this year all ten teams from our school made it to the Global Round. Out of these ten teams, two went to the Tournament of Champions – and I was very fortunate to be part of them.

While the Hong Kong and Global rounds were eye-opening, it would certainly be an understatement for me to call this round simply that. The Tournament of Champions was a learning process unlike any other. Through participating in the ToC, I understood more about my own strengths and weaknesses as a student, particularly in debating and argumentative writing. Through interacting with other extremely academically gifted students from all around the world, I learnt from them different styles of constructing arguments and delivering points. Because the questions in the Scholar’s Bowl are across different subjects, and through playing in the Scholar’s Bowl, I learnt how to retrieve the knowledge I’ve learnt from one subject and apply it on another subject – an important skill I can use when learning about difficult concepts at school.

But my most rewarding experience was that of being able to interact and make friends with students from all over the world. We had a Scavenger Hunt before the ‘competition’ part started, where we were sorted into groups with students from other countries, and had to do a series of tasks – and it was through this that I met students from overseas. It was a kind of cultural exchange that I had never been to before, and allowed me to learn more about different people and different cultures all around the globe.

Ivan Chan (11C)