The trip to Care Corner Orphanage in Thailand was definitely a life-changing experience. We stayed at the home of the orphanage’s founder where we interacted a lot with the children, mostly in the evening. We also helped with some labour work, like cementing walls and farming, as well as designing and painting a wall in the orphanage – all unique experiences that most of us enjoyed for the first time. While some of the children are HIV positive and some are orphans, they are still incredibly enthusiastic towards life. They reminded me that even through tough times, we should all be capable of staying strong as they are under such circumstances. Although leaving them was tough, with the close relationships we had built, the most crucial thing is that we’ve created a week of gratifying and unforgettable memories, and made some constructive difference for the children. I’m thankful for the cheerful outlook towards life I’ve picked up from them – something that simply cannot be found in the classroom alone.

Rachel Tang (11D)