What does the word ‘photography’ mean to you? A form of art? A product of science? A record of memories? A way of entertainment? A way of storytelling?

Perhaps all of the above.

During Challenge Week our group went to a workshop at Jockey Club Creative Arts Center (JCCAC) to learn about photography from a variety of perspectives, and perhaps, also rediscovering what photography means to us. We brought our newfound skills and interest in photography with us to the historical stores of Sham Shui Po, as well as St. Barnabas, an elderly home. We took photos for the people there, and found that photography meant much more than what we initially thought, and its boundaries stretch way beyond the four straight sides and the glossy surface of a photograph. To see the satisfied smiles on our subjects’ faces brought meaning to these photos taken only by inexperienced and untrained students.

Ryan Hui (12A)