The trip to Dali was filled with a variety of activities such as cycling along Lake Erhai, organic farming, visits to local schools, hiking, and most importantly, challenging our taste buds with exotic cuisines. We were exhausted after long-distance cycling and hiking, yet all the tiredness dissipated after witnessing the astonishing views of Dali’s natural scenery.  The activities are exceptionally rewarding as we rarely see them in Hong Kong.

Initially I thought the school visits would be boring, like another routine service program. We soon realized how wrong we were, after seeing how sincere and enthusiastic the students were. The activity was definitely as enjoyable as the hikes and perhaps more rewarding, with the students’ grateful laughter and enthusiasm that fulfilled us spiritually.

Time seemed to slow down as we explored the Dali old town. We had plenty of chances to engage with the diverse ethnic groups like the Bai, the Hui, and many others. We felt their hospitality through casual conversations, and we had a glimpse of their daily lives in those encounters.

The trip not only gave us a precious opportunity to know more about Dali, but also everyone on the trip.  Conversations and interactions through different activities enhanced the friendship between us.  More importantly, we all learnt to overcome challenges hand-in-hand.  This was a fruitful trip that not only broadened our horizons but also left us with fond memories that will be unforgettable.

Aman Cheung (12A)