In years 9 and 10 students embark on a two-year course; the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). We adopt Cambridge Assessment International Education as our examination board, which is the largest and the most established IGCSE provider in the world.

The IGCSE is a subject-specific curriculum, which means that students have to choose a number of subjects to study in depth for the next two years. The types and number of subjects offered are based on the rationale that students should follow a fairly wide and balanced curriculum. This philosophy also ties in with the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate, which students will follow after the completion of their IGCSE course.

Each student’s IGCSE selection will comprise a number of compulsory subjects, and a range of Optional subjects. There is also an “Extra Option” available in English Literature, however, this will only be offered to those pupils who have shown outstanding ability in the subject and a passion for reading.

Compulsory Subjects

Chinese, English, International Mathematics and Global Perspectives will be offered as part of a core programme and are not optional. However, pupils will be entered for either First Language or Second Language English based on their level of language proficiency. In addition, pupils must choose a minimum of at least one Science subject and one from the Individuals & Societies faculty.

Optional Subjects

The diverse range of Optional Subjects currently available to CKY pupils are outlined in the table below. Students are automatically entered for their first 6 preferred options, but can complete fewer subjects upon request. Students must choose at least one Science from Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and at least one subject from Business Studies, Economics, Geography and History. Students may not choose both Art & Design and Art & Design: Textiles and should not choose Business Studies and Economics

Compulsory Subjects:
Chinese English
Global Perspectives Mathematics
Optional Subjects:
At least one from: Biology Chemistry
At least one from: Business Studies Economics
Geography History
Art Design Additional Mathematics
Art Textile Physical Education
Design & Technology Drama
Food & Nutrition ICT
Extra Options:
English Literature