Homework Policy


Homework assignments are intended to reinforce and extend learning initiated in the classroom, which enable students to consolidate their learning in class, stimulate thinking, enhance their understanding of lesson topics and construct knowledge. Completion of routine homework can motivate students to develop good work habits while encouraging individuals to initate self-learning and take responsibility of their own education. Homework can also stimulate creativity, critical thinking, independent learning, and awareness that learning can take place outside of the classroom.

At CKY, we focus on quality over the quantity of homework. Teachers are expected to assign a wide range of homework tasks with specific objectives and learning outcomes to help develop each student’s abilities, knowledge, and skill sets. Teachers are expected to mark homework in a timely manner and provide constructive feedback on students’ strengths and areas of improvement.

Purpose of Homework

  • – To review, consolidate and extend content knowledge and conceptual understanding.
  • – To provide opportunities for students to become independent learners.
  • – To help students develop a range of transferable skills, such as research, data analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • – To nurture students’ love of knowledge.
  • – To assess students’ overall understanding and provide feedback to teachers


Role of Teachers

  • – To ensure students record homework accurately in Student Diary.
  • – To ensure students understand the purposes and success criteria of homework assignments.
  • – To ensure students understand the requirements, scope and purpose of homework assignments before leaving school.
  • – To mark students’ work consistently according to departmental guidelines.
  • – To give constructive feedback to students.
  • – To monitor student’s workload and adjust it if necessary.


Role of Students

  • – To accurately record homework in Student Diary.
  • – To ensure they understand homework requirements before leaving school.
  • – To ensure they have everything they need to complete each piece of homework assignment.
  • – To complete each piece of work to the best of their ability.
  • – To submit homework on time consistently.


Additional Support for Students

  • – Secondary Homework Club provides time and guidance for secondary students when they fail to submit their homework assignments in a timely manner.
  • – Students are expected to complete part of their assignments during lessons in order to fully grasp the purpose of the assignment.
  • – Through parent’s evenings, parent lesson observation days, parent-teacher interview days, parents are welcome to communicate their comments on homework arrangements.


We regularly update our homework policy to meet students’ changing needs based on teachers’ recommendations and students’ and parents’ feedback.